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April 13 - Migratory bird lessons for schoolchildren

Polistovsky Reserve continues to tell children about migratory birds

This week, information lessons on migratory birds were held in several schools. On Monday, the students of the 8th and 9th forms of Ashevskaya school and first graders from Bezhanitsy school acquainted with birds, and today information lessons were held at Maryinskaya and Bashovskaya schools for students of 5th-9th forms.

At these lessons Polistovsky Reserve employee tells children about migratory birds of central Russia, about how we can help them after spring return from the south (eg, installing birdhouses), as well as shows a presentation with the voices of several species of migratory birds.

In addition, schoolchidren participate in a game called "Young ornithologist", which checks their knowledge about migratory birds. During the game you need to solve a crossword puzzle, match names of birds with their images, find an extra bird among several species, as well as to unravel an ornithological riddle. And that's not all - the game ends with a quiz to determine the winner who demonstrated the best knowledge of the migratory birds.

All the participants get diplomas from Polistovsky Reserve, and the winners are also awarded by a small souvenir - a magnet with a picture of one of the inhabitants of the protected area.

Join us - learn more about migratory birds!

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