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April 8 - Dried grass burnings - is it worth risking?

Uncontrolled dried grass burnings - is it worth risking?

The snow just melted and mass dried grass burnings have already begun in Pskov region, near Polistovsky Reserve. Grass is burning everywhere: on the agricultural fields and along the roads, often very close to settlements, where you can periodically smell acrid smoke.

Why do people burn dried grass? Someone thinks that this procedure will enhance soil fertility, while others believe that in this way they prevent the occurrence of forest fires, and someone just set fire to the grass for the sake of entertainment.


Let's think about it a little. After fires the soil exactly cannot become more fertile, ash blown away by the wind, fertilizes it much worse than unburned decaying vegetation, but fire kills buds and seeds of herbal plants, beneficial micro-organisms, insects, small animals and birds. In addition, burning of dried grass is absolutely unnatural phenomenon; in wild nature spring fire is a great rarity, now almost all of these fires are caused by human activities.

Burning dried vegetation as prophylaxis of larger fires is actually carried out by employees of forest services, but only in cases of extreme necessity. In this case, burning of dried grass is allowed only in compliance with all fire safety measures under the supervision and in the presence of people, equipped with the fire extinguishing agents.

But everything we see now near Polistovsky, and all over the country, doesn’t look like a controlled fire procedure at all. Fire cover huge areas on the fields and along the roads, it can easily spread to the forests or get to the village or to the peat areas and cause severe fires, which annually burn large areas of forests, houses and kill people.

Recall that since the last year burnings of dried grass are prohibited by law. The decision of the Government of the Russian Federation № 1213 (November 10, 2015) "On Amendments to the Rules of fire safety in the Russian Federation" prohibits burnings of dried vegetation on agricultural and municipal lands, along the highways and on the rights of way and protective zones of railways, viaducts and product pipelines.

Polistovsky Reserve staff is actively preparing for the fire-dangerous period and call all readers to be conscious and abandon burning dried grass - it is not only illegal but also very dangerous!

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