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March 30 - Excellent spring holidays in “Rodnik”

Excellent spring holidays in “Rodnik”

During the spring holidays from 19th to 25th of March daily children'senvironmental camp "Rodnik" was held at Tsevelo country club. At this time, not only employees of Polistovsky Reserve, but also Bezhanitsky Filosofovy Museum employee, as well as puppet makerfrom Krasny Luch villagehelped in organization of the camp.

The first day was dedicated to the studying actual history of the PAs system of Russia, that will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year. And also during the day children learned how important bog ecosystem: not only for animals and birds living there, but also for our common home - Earth.

After that participants of "Rodnik" camp met guests who told guys about the history of Polistovye, cultural traditions of old days, and acquainted them with modern crafts which are now developed in our region.

Together with the Polistovsky Reserve inspector Mikhail Parfyonov children made a fascinating journey in the footsteps of our ancestors - ancient Slavs. They have traced the history of the settlement of Krivichy tribes in Pskov region, learned about their traditional crafts. But the most interesting thing was Michael's archaeological findings that most emphatically tell the story of the glorious past of the region.

The next day, the guest of "Rodnik" was the organizer of the excursions to Bezhanitsky Filosofovy museum Valentina Markova. She brought some traditional rag dolls with her. These funny and simple toys were once a part of the educational system of our ancestors. Through their creation and playing the child was learning the world around him and got acquainted important traditions. Thanks to Valentina Markova participants of “Rodnik” were able to touch this tradition.

Continuing the theme of the previous day, on the 22nd of March guys were capturing a snow town! This traditional Shrovetide festivitie was exactly what we needed - when the spring sun warmed so tender, and the snow provoked to play snowflakes!

Local historical and cultural theme of the camp was continued by Galina Egorovna Ivanova. At school desks kids learned about the traditional way of life of villagers in our region: what kinds of crops were grown, which craftsmen were held in high esteem, how actually to make linen fabrics and for what people used ponds, called "mochila" ...

At the end of the day a wonderful master class for children was held by Lyubov Gureeva. Each was able to try himself in production of handmade toys - dragonflies, birds and geese! And then a performance for the youngest members of "Rodnik" was made under our own scenario.

A great gift for all participants of the camp was a walk on bog-shoes to Polistovsky Reserve! You can see really lots of interesting things at winter bog - the whole life of its inhabitants at a glance for those who know how to read the mysteries of the snow! There are tracks of wolf and mice, bites of elk and hare on trees, and of course, a favorite treat - frozen cranberries right from the snow!

The organizers of ecological-biological camp "Rodnik" express heartfelt thanks to Galina Egorovna Ivanova and Zemfira Nikolayevna Laube for their help in methodological development of camp's program.

See you at the “Rodnik”!

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