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March 24 - Do not hurry to pick primroses!

Do not hurry to pick primroses!

From the 10th of March eco-action "Do not hurry to pick primroses" is held in Polistovsky Reserve.

The purpose of the action is to form environmental stand of school children and preschoolers aimed at the preservation, protection and restoration of endangered early-flowering plants. A large number of species of primroses is listed in Red Data Book. The reason for reducing the number of these plants lies in the fact that they are picked in large quantities for bouquets because of their amazing beauty.

Primroses have high value in life of natural communities. Flowers of these plants are a source of food for bumblebees and other pollinating insects by providing them with nectar and pollen at the time of the year when other plants have not awakened from the winter torpor yet. Seeds, bulbs and tubers of some of them serve as food for various animals.

Schools of Bezhanitsky and Loknyansky districts are actively involved in the action. In order to tell more about primroses Polistovsky Reserve employees held environmental lessons, where school children and kindergartners get acquainted with different species of primroses and make crafts - first spring flowers. The youngest participants of the action planted seedlings of flowers and promised to take care of them and plant flowers in mid-May near the kindergarten.

Ecological action "Do not hurry to pick primroses" will last until the 31st of May. 

Do not hurry to pick primroses! Show your care and love of nature!

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