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March 24 - Fruitful cooperation with volunteers

Volunteers create illustrations for Polistovsky Reserve


Couple weeks ago Polistovsky Reserve published volunteer offers for this season; and a lot of volunteers have responded to the invitation to work together. Enthusiastic people from all over the country sent applications to participate in the Reserve’s volunteer programs, and some of them have already begun their volunteer projects.

We are talking about volunteers-illustrators who began work on the creation of a variety of graphic materials some time before the start of high tourist season in Polistovsky Reserve. After the publication of volunteer programs 10 volunteers, interested in the creation of illustrations in Polistovsky style, wrote to the Reserve, and 8 of them have already started to implement various projects. Moreover, to date, the volunteers have designed 2 information posters and 4 diplomas.


The creation of the poster telling about one of the most important raised bog functions in nature - water filtration, was designed by Sophya Tkacheva, you can have a look at her other works here. Alexandra Paranchenko created a poster about other function of the raised bog – regulation of the hydrological regime of the region, to have a look at other works of Alexandra or contact her - visit her website, or Vkontakte and Facebook pages. The design of diplomas by which we will award participants of various Polistovsky Reserve events, was developed by Irina Loseva - artist-designer and photographer.

The rest of artists interested in Reserve’s volunteer project are painting watercolor illustrations of traditional local cuisine now. Their works will be further used to design a menu that will be offered to tourists visiting the Reserve and ordering food from Tsevlo villagers.

Many thanks to the volunteers who designed all this illustrations, those who working on other projects and all who are just about to become volunteers in Polistovsky Reserve!

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