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March 14 - Russian-Swedish cooperation

Polistovsky National Nature Reserve will take part in Russian-Swedish cooperation in the field of environmental protection

In February, 2016 a working program of Russian-Swedish cooperation for the period from 2016 to 2018 was presented at a meeting of the Russian-Swedish Coordination Committee for cooperation in the field of environmental protection.

According to the program, Polistovsky Reserve will take part in two projects of one of the sections of cooperation - "Biodiversity and Nature conservation." There are several projects in this section aimed at the conservation of biodiversity and protection of endangered species and habitats. High-priority interests for the period 2016-2018 are the Convention on Biological Diversity, increase of nature protection capacity in Barents and Baltic regions, as well as trans-boundary movement of threatened species.

Partners in the projects of "Biodiversity and Nature conservation" section are the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Russia, the Ministry of Environment of Sweden, protected areas of two countries and other organizations involved in the management of natural resources, including research and environmental protection ones.

Polistovsky Reserve will take part in project NC-07 "Protection of endangered species" and NC-12 "Exchange of knowledge in management for the directors and staff of Russian and Swedish PAs". The second project began in 2014, in particular, Polistovsky Reserve staff visited Sweden in 2015 in the framework of this project to exchange experiences with colleagues from Store Mosse National Park, and return visit to Polistovsky Reserve will be held this May.

Project NC-07 "Protection of endangered species" is a new area of cooperation with Sweden for Polistovsky Reserve. Now development and planning of the project activities are in process, they will presumably include experience exchange in the field of recovery of rare species, as well as holding restoration biotechnical measures.

Polistovsky Reserve hopes for an active and effective cooperation with Swedish colleagues in both projects and is ready for the May visit of the guests from "Store Mosse" to Polistovsky.

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