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March 9 - Winter Route Census

Winter Route Census

In late February, a winter route census (WRC) was held near the Gogolevo village. The WRC was carried out by Polistovsky Reserve employees: senior inspector V.I. Ivanov, researcher T.A. Novikova, and volunteer W. Vagina.

The length of the route is about 15 km. This time it was impossible to use vehicles (snowmobile) because of the difficult weather conditions. Following the route "old-fashioned" - by ski failed too, cause the height of snow cover was only 5-10 cm, so it was easier to go on foot.

The weather was great. Two days before the snow fell a little, the night before it was - 10 degrees Centigrade, and during the day the sun was shining in the spring.

Animals reacted with spring activity on this warm weather set at the end of January. Hares (this is their mating season), minks and weasels moved especially actively. Traces of fox, marten and moose and grouse meeting were also registered during the WCR.

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