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February 25 - "Rodnik" in Polistovsky Reserve

Workshop for children "Rodnik" in Polistovsky Reserve

How to tame a wolf or a rainbow, what stories can tell track traces of birds and animals - all this and more chidren will learn on the lessons of ecological and biological workshop "Rodnik" at Tsevlo village club.

Since the beginning of 2016, "Rodnik" meetings became regular and are held every Saturday. On the lessons participants play ecological games and quizzes, whatch educational presentations and movies and, of course, take part in creative master classes!

Winter cycle of lessons began on the 23rd of January and will be ended on the 27th of February with a lesson where children will be able to show how did they learn the material, and to report about the implementation of creative hometasks.

Since the beginnig of the lessons, we have already managed to get acquainted with the planets of our Solar System, learn about the structure of the sun and take a trip in the early days of the formation of our common home - Earth planet!

A wonderful gift for the children was an excursion to Tsevlo historical school museum, which was held by Galina Egorovna Ivanova. Impressions of seeing a photo of your grandfather - the foremost of the collective farm, photos of parents from school boards of honor, touching old products of Tsevlo handicraft-makers - are very precious, and love of the homeland begins from them!

An important part of the ecological and biological studies of "Rodnik" is to acquaint young naturalists with the PAs of Russia - from Kamchatka and Southern Urals to Altai and the Caucasus. We also master the basic skills necessary for trekking and expeditions. Who is the Austrian conductor and how to tie a pirate knot, what should you take with you on a long journey, and what is not necessary to take. All this will be useful for us next summer, because nature of knowledge can not be just learned, it should be experienced!

We thank a methodologist of Tsevlo village club Nadezhda Nikiforova and librarian Nadezhda Viktorovna Illarionova for the assistance in organizing "Rodnik" workshop activities.

See you again at the "Rodnik"!

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