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February 24 - Board of Directors of the Association

Board of Directors of the Association of National Nature Reserves and National Parks of North-West region

In the middle of February Board of Directors of the Association of National Nature Reserves and National Parks of North-West region was hels in national parks "Ugra" and "Orlovskoe Polesye". Mikhail Yablokov took part in the meeting with an announcement about the seminar "The experience of involving local community in tourist service" which will be held in May in Polistovsky National Nature Reserve.

Besides directors, friends and colleagues of the Association were invited to the Board of Directors, they were representatives of ecocenter "Zapovedniki", the charity fund "Beautiful kids in a beautiful world," Taganay National Park and the environmental organization "Mospriroda".

The Board of Directors began with a welcome speech of the host party - the director of Ugra NP Victor Grishenkov, then the word was given to the president of the Association Alexander Kochergin and a new coordinator of the Association Valentina Ipatova, who told the audience about the current work of the Association, plans for 2016 and some innovations.

All topics were of great interest and even provoked debates. Organizing training workshops on the basis of reserves and national parks - members of the Association was discussed most actively. The general opinion was that such activities carried out on protected areas, that are the most successfull in developing particular subjects, can make a significant contribution to the improvement of work of all PAs of the Association. Mikhail Yablokov proposed to plan a workshop devoted to the widely used today photo-traps, with the help of experts of the company "Sorokoput" developing and manufacturing these devices. The proposal was greeted with enthusiasm, perhaps, it will be able to hold such an event this year.

The next speaker was the guest of the North-Western Board - the director of the South Ural National Park "Taganay" Alexey Yakovlev with a presentation about the competent work with finances on protected areas, as well as about the most important aspects of the management and planning.

After that presentations were made by representatives of environmental center "Zapovedniki" Natalia Danilina, Elena Knizhnikova and Natalia Butorina, who told about the environmental center's work today, about the plans, in particular for the coming 2017 - the 100th anniversary of the PAs system in Russia, and about possibilities of cooperation with the Association.

The theme of cooperation with tour operators was also touched during the discussions, the director of the Valdai National Park Viktor Sokolov invited everyone to take part in a seminar on this subject, scheduled for this spring.

At the end of the meeting guests from Moscow - the representatives of "Mosprirody" arrived and made a presentation about environmental education centers of the capital, their development, design and functioning.

Working atmosphere reigned throughout the entire Board of Directors, a number of issues discussed by mostly active included holding training workshops and internships for employees and PAs leaders, issues of financial planning and management, plans for the 100th anniversary of the PAs system of Russia, the need to popularize PAs and the corresponding outreach and marketing work, as well as many current issues and improvements in the Association's work.

After the official part of the meeting, participants walked through the eco-trail in the National Park "Ugra" called "Sanctuary Nikola-slothful" and got acquainted with the objects of annual festival "Archstoyanie". Then, on the way to NP "Orlovskoye Polesie", participants of the Board visited the attractions of Kaluga region: conventы Kazanskaya Amvrosievskaya pustyn and Optina pustyn.

Visit to Orlovskoe Polesye National Park completed the program and introduced its work to the participants: they visited the forage area for the European bisons, and even met these amazing inhabitants of Orlovsky forests "face to face", also everyone visited local historical and literary museum "Turgenevsky Woodland" created by the Ilinskoe village residents, and finally almost ready for the opening new visitor center of the National Park.

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