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February 24 - Wetland lessons in schools

Wetland lessons for school children

As known, the 2nd of February is the World Wetlands Day. On this date "Convention on Wetlands", or "Ramsar Convention", has signed in the Iranian city Ramsar for conservation and sustainable utilization of wetlands of international importance, especially as waterfowl habitats.

On this occasion, Polistovsky Reserve staff decided to tell school children about the most famous wetlands of Russia. From the 10th to the 26th of February environmental lessons on different areas of our country, covered with bogs, swamps and marshes are held in schools of Bezhanitsy and Loknynsky districts.

On the lessons children get acquainted with these interesting and unique ecosystems, learn about the importance of wetlands in nature, and about the diversity of plants and animals that live on wetlands. In addition, children participate in a informative quiz "Mysterious bog."

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