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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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February 9 - Polistovsky manga in "A&F" newspaper

Polistovsky Reserve's comics-manga "Khranitely" in "Arguments and Facts" newspaper

Over the next three months Polistovsky Reserve's page will appear in Pskov weekly "Arguments and Facts". On the page you can read comics "Khranitely", which tells about the fantasy adventures of the inhabitants of Polistovsky bogs - Rosyanka (sundew) and his friends, invisibly protecting this fragile ecosystem.

The first part of the comics will be released this week, extension will be published in the newspaper biweekly. During three months the first and the second issue of "Khranitely" will be published in the "Arguments and Facts". By the way, the author of the manga Margarita Denisova is finishing the next, third, issue of "khranitely". Follow our news!

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