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January 28 - Children wrote letters to Polistovsky

Children wrote letters to Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

Today an unusual letter has come to Polistovsky Reserve’s office; actually there were a lot of letters. They were written to the director of the reserve Mikhail Yablokov by the students of the children's association "Eco-world" organized by "Environmental and Biological center" of Pskov city.

An idea to write these letters appeared after the lesson telling about Polistovsky Reserve, dedicated to the Day of National Parks and Nature Reserves. In the letters there are lots of pictures, good wishes, congratulations on the last holiday and questions. Children are interested in the Reserve’s nature, especially animals, and they thank the Reserve for its environmental work.

We invite all the children and their parents to visit Polistovsky Reserve to learn more about its nature and activities and to get answers to all questions.

We thank "Ecological and Biological Center" employees and, of course, their students for their attention to Polistovsky National Nature Reserve and for the wonderful letter.

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