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January 8 - Working meeting in Tsevlo

Plans for the upcoming tourist season were discussed in Tsevlo village

On the 6th of January a meeting of Tsevlo residents with Polistovsky Reserve employees and guests from St. Petersburg: Yulia Orlova – an organizer of the master class on dyeing wool by mushrooms in Tsevlo this autumn and FLEG-2 program consultant Natalya Milovidova was held at the reserve's guest house. Also, the meeting was attended by guests from Kostomukshsky National Nature Reserve.

The meeting began with a discussion of past and upcoming master classes on making traditional crafts and various kinds of handiwork. The production of natural soap caused the greatest interest. The participants of that master class plan to continue soap-making and may be even replenish the set of Polistovsky souvenirs by homemade soap, prepared using local bog ingredients.

They discussed organization of new and existing master classes for tourists on manufacturing of printed gingerbread, spinning, learning properties of medicinal herbs, traditional baking. They also spoke about improving quality of services for tourists, for example, during the meeting it was suggested to create a detailed menu of traditional dishes offered to tourists staying at the guest house in Tsevlo village and to place the menu on the Internet. In addition, it was suggested to think of oganizing meetings and seminars to exchange experience with colleagues working in tourist services and conducting master classes and excursions. It would allow Tsevlo residents working with tourists, to share their experience in this area and get valuable knowledge.

Furthermore, it was started to plan a hobby tour and a master class on dyeing wool by natural materials such as lichens, for example. This event would be a logical continuation of the last master class on dyeing wool by mushrooms. The hobby tour can gather a lot of people interested in this subject, from different cities of Russia and experts from abroad, and, of course, Tsevlo residents.

Also a preliminary plan for the upcoming seminar of the Association of Protected Areas of the North-West region "Forming partnerships with the local community" was developed during the meeting, it will take place in Polistovsky Reserve in May, 2016.

The meeting was briefly analyzed the work with the guests of the reserve in the tourist season in 2015, all the successes, failures and lessons learned. In 2016 tourist activities will be continued with new ideas, modifications and, hopefully, new initiatives.

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