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December 24 - Master class on soap making

Master class on soap making in Tsevlo

The second master class on soap making was held in Tsevlo village on the 21-22 of December, the event was attended by 9 people from Tsevlo. Master class was conducted by Marina Svetlova  - soap-maker from Pskov, who makes Polistovsky Reserve’s souvenir-soap.

The master class was started with a presentation, talking about what handmade soap is, about its types, advantage over the analogues from shops, and about how to prepare this soap. All participants received a brochure on soap making and two soap recipes, which were tested during the master class.

Soap was made "from scratch" of alkali and oil, using only natural ingredients such as linseed and mustard oil, camelina oil, tincture of Icelandic moss and cranberry juice, essential oils of verbena, cedar, pine, dried Polistovsky cranberries and moss.

Soap was prepared in two different ways - "hot" and "cold." The "hot" one - "Vesnyanka" with moss and cranberries can be used almost immediately after manufacture. But the soap "Cranberries in the snow" with oatmeal and dried cranberries prepared in the "cold" way will be ready only by February. The reason for this is that the reaction in the "cold" method of manufacturing lasts for several weeks, while the soap can even slightly change the color and acquire a more vivid cranberry hue.

All participants of the master class were very excited by the process – they recorded recipes, enthusiastically weighed, measured out and mixed ingredients. Between soap making procedures participants had a tea party with delicious Tsevlo buns.

In the morning of December 22 ready-made soap was cut and stamped by the reserve‘s logos. Each participant of the master class took home self-made natural soap and a certificate of participation in the master class. All those present received a charge of good moods, and may be some of them found a new interesting and practicable hobby.

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