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December 21 - "Save the green spruce!"

Master classes dated to the ecological action "Save the green spruce!"

In December Polistovsky Reserve organizes master classes on making New Year handicrafts and toy spruces in schools and kindergartens of Loknyansky and Bezhanitsky districts. The events are dated to the annual ecological action "Save the green spruce!" To date master classes were attended by more than 150 children.

Today master classes were held in Bezhanitsy School. First year pupils made tinsel spruces; and students from the sixth form sewed felt Christmas toys. In addition, children watched a short film about how did the spruce become a traditional Christmas tree in Russia. Students also learned about different types of conifers, their features, appearance and had a look at cones from different trees: pine, spruce and cedar.

On the eve of the New Year holidays we invite readers to join the ecological action "Save the green spruce!"; and let these beautiful living trees grow instead of chopping them to decorate the premises. Living spruce can be replaced by no less beautiful artificial Christmas tree or severed spruce branches (in this case the tree doesn’t die). And if you are patient enough and dreaming of a large living Christmas tree, you can plant your own outside and enjoy it for many years, not only in the New Year.

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