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December 1 - Channel "Living Planet"

The channel "Living Planet" began showing a cycle of documentary films of the Ministry of Natural Recourses and Environment of Russia about National Nature Reserves

The films are made under the direction of the Ministry of Russia. The cycle of documentaries was launched on TV on the 28th of November, 2015.

"In order to see hundreds of wonders of nature with your own eyes, it’s not necessarily to go to distant lands. In Russia we have many wonderful nature places. After watching these movies, you will once again make sure that nature of our country is the best nature on Earth", mentioned the head of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Sergey Donskoy.

A documentary film "The Seal of Nevo Lake" tells a story of Lake Ladoga (Karelia) - the largest lake in Europe. Its area is about 18 thousand square km and a maximum depth is 260 m. In the ancient chronicles it was called "Lake Nevo", that means "sea".

In the northern part of the lake is the Valaam archipelago. First of all, it is famous because of located on its shores Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery. In the summer months on the remote island of Valaam it's possible to meet Ladoga ringed seal, which is in the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation.

A documentary "The world of the warmed cold" tells a story of the Barents Sea and its rich underwater world. Such an unusual wealth of underwater life is explained by the warm current of the Gulf Stream, which determines the climate of the entire planet.

 The documentary film "Alone with silence" shows the world of falls on Putoran Plateau (Krasnoyarsky Kray). This lost world is so diverse that you can explore it endlessly. It stretches for hundreds of kilometers of untouched nature area where the wild life is still not disturbed by human civilization.

"The Tale of White Cranes" introduces one of the rarest birds on earth - the Siberian Crane. There are only about 3 million of these birds now; this species is on the verge of extinction. Homeland of Siberian Cranes is Siberia. The story is dedicated to the rescue of the West Siberian populations of Siberian Cranes.

A documentary film "The black vulture. Griffon Vulture" is dedicated to saiga antelopes; today in "Black Earth" National Nature Reserve in the Republic of Kalmykia they are trying to save these animals. Every spring, the staff conducts research and monitoring of this rare species. The film tells of the unexpected discovery of birds listed in the International Red Data Book. They are black vulture and griffon vulture.

A film "Eternal Desert Guest" is dedicated to the Persian leopard in the North Caucasus. On the territory of Sochi National Park a breeding and rehabilitation center was created for the leopards. Currently there are 11 hectares on the hillside Kepsha with a complex system of aviaries, now 8 leopard kittens are scheduled for release to wild nature.

PS: you can watch "Living Planet" promo clip here.

Information message of the press service of the Ministry of Natural Recourses and Environment of Russia.


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