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November 25 - "Feed the birds in winter!"

Ecological action "Feed the birds in winter!"

Today a lesson dedicated to bird feeders making was held at Bezhanitsy School.

In a framework of the ecological action "Feed the birds in winter!" Polistovsky Reserve employee conducts lessons telling about wintering birds at schools in Bezhanitsky and Loknyansky districts. School children watch a movie or a presentation about the birds that do not fly away for the winter to warmer regions, and also learn that the birds can and should be fed during the cold season. Children also become familiar with different ways of making feeders and discuss what kinds of feed are good for the birds.

After one of these lessons the students of the 1 form of Bezhanitsy School decided to make their own feeders. Students of the 10 form helped juniors; they also brought a handmade plastic feeder for tits. First-graders were making their feeders out of old boxes of juice, at the same time giving a second life to the object, which is usually considered as waste. Each feeder was decorated to children's taste, filled by grains and hung on a tree growing in the alley near the school.

Students and teachers promised to look after the feeders and to fill them in time with corn and bread, lard for tits or even fruit.

We urge all our readers to take care of wintering birds and join the action "Feed the birds in winter!" equipping your yard by the bird feeder.

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