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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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November 24 - "Polistovsky Reserve's Day"

"Polistovsky Reserve's Day" in Bezhanitsy

A holiday "Polistovsky Reserve's Day" organized for everyone by the Friends Club was held on Sunday at Bezhanitsy Library named after A.P. Filosofova. 

The event was attended by about 30 children and their parents. A master class on making eko-bags was held for the visitors: using a stencil children paint pictures of different animals and birds that live in the reserve on the fabric of the bags. It should be noted that Polistovsky inhabitant beaver was especially popular.

In addition, during the event everyone could play the floor game "By the beaver's path" developed based on the eponymous ecotrail. The children asked to play again and again, and it was a huge amount of tours. In addition to skills and luck, the players were able to excel at knowledge of the habitat and behavior of beavers. The winners were awarded by Polistovsky Reserve's magnets with the pictures of animals that live in the forests and raised bogs. 

The holiday was very fun and bright, all the participants were pleased and took home Polistovsky souvenirs - magnets and hand made ekobags that can replace plastic bags when you go shopping.

Stay tuned for news and upcoming events of "Polistovsky Reserve's Friends Club "!

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