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November 18 - Contest "They must live!"

Results of the contest "They must live!"

The contest of appliques in the mosaic technique "They must live!" dedicated to the international action "World Animal Day" is finished.

List of the winners:

1st place - "Amur tiger", Shnitova Darya, Bezhanitsy School





1st place - "Przewalski's horse", Alekseev Uliana, Bezhanitsy School






1st place - "Polar bears", Pechenitsyna Elizaveta, Bezhanitsy kindergarten

2nd place - "Black stork", Rumyantseva Varvara, "Center of additional education for children", Loknya










2nd place - "Amur tiger", Tishkov Makar, School № 13, Velikiye Luki










2nd place - "Asiatic cheetah", Sorokina Victoria, Bezhanitsy School



3rd place - "Amur tiger", Kozlova Ksenia, Bashovskaya school, Loknyansky district







3rd place - "White-beaked dolphin", Dmitrieva Zlata, Bezhanitsy School











3rd place - "Ussuri sika deer", Goviko Elizaveta, Loknya School

We should also note that it is decided to use works taken the 1st place for edition of the calendars!

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all for their active participation in the contest and wonderful works!

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