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November 17 - Guests from St. Petersburg

Experience exchange with colleagues from St. Petersburg

Last week colleagues from the Directorate of protected areas of St. Petersburg visited Polistovsky Reserve, the Directorate is a nature protecting organization that manages 15 protected areas located in the city.

The purpose of the visit was the experiences exchange in all areas of activities of the environmental organizations, and despite the differences in the specifics of the work, both sides learned lot of interesting things from each other. Representatives of Polistovsky Reserve and guests from St. Petersburg prepared presentations familiarizing the audience with the work of organizations and then discussed the most interesting spheres of activities with colleagues. Many questions about protection of the territory, work of the maintenance department, environmental education and interpretation, and work with local communities arose during discussions.

The specifics of work of the Directorate of Protected Areas of St. Petersburg is determined by the location of protected areas in one of the largest cities and a high number of visitors, this is the great difference between the Directorate and Polistovsky Reserve. However, problems and questions that staffs of both organizations have to deal with daily are very similar, and the exchange of experiences, found solutions, ideas and approaches was really helpful.

Besides discussing business issues, the guests visited the Polistovsky Reserve visitor center, an excursion to the eco-trail "Plavnitskoe bog" and author excursions of the Tsevlo village residents: the abandoned narrow gauge railway trolley journey, the Tsevlo village tour and to the recreated classroom of early 80-ies and Tsevlo village local history museum.

We thank our guests for their visit to Polistovsky reserve and hope to see them again here or in St. Petersburg to continue to interact, share experiences, cooperate and develop.

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