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November 13 - Prohibition on dried grass burning

A prohibition on burning of dried grass is established by the Government of the Russian Federation

On the 10th of November, 2015 the Russian Government issued amendments to the Rules of fire safety in the country.

According to the decree now in Russia burning of dried grass, plowing, crop residues on agricultural lands and municipal lands is prohibited.

The annual spring, and not only spring, dried grass burning cause irreparable damage to forests, farmlands, and settlements, hectares of trees, fields, animals and even people die in fires.

It happens everywhere in Russia, sometimes fire from spring grass burnings come to the borders of Polistovsky national nature reserve, and our staff has to extinguish fires using specialized equipment. Due to the fact that our raised bog system is untouched, fires do not go in the peat, but they can pass on the surface of the bog, destroying many valuable species of plants and animals and damaging the ecosystem as a whole.

Amendments to the Rules of fire safety are aimed at the reducing the number of dangerous and senseless dried grass burnings. Now when they are prohibited by law, people will likely think once again before dropping a match or clicking a lighter.

We ask all our readers to abandon burnings of dried vegetation, care for nature and appreciate their own safety!

You can familiarize with the decree on the site of the Russian government:

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