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October 29 - Stabilization of the saiga population

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Russia intends to stabilize the saiga antelope population of the North-Western Caspian in 5 years

The Russian Federation has committed itself to halt the decline of saiga antelope population. National plans of the restoration and protection of the population will be developed to achieve this goal.

The medium-term program has been collectively approved by the results of the 3rd meeting of the parties of the Memorandum of Understanding concerning Conservation, Restoration and Sustainable Use of the Saiga antelope (MOU), which was held in Tashkent from 26 to 29 of October 29, 2015. This was announced by the Director of State Policy and regulation in the field of environmental protection of the Ministry of Russia Dmitry Belanovich.

The strategic objective of the Program is to restore the saiga antelope population to a sustainable use level. As it was explained by D. Belanovich, five-year Action Plan is intended to be the basis of conservation of saiga antelope populations: "Approval of the document will provide coherence, and we will be able to solve the problems of extinction of a species together " - he said.

In addition, countries which have signed the Memorandum (the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan), intend to adopt an emergency protocol for dealing with cases of mass death of the animals, as well as to organize more services to stop poaching to protect all populations of saiga antelope in all countries.

Countries where the saiga antelope dwells, consumer countries and trading countries intend to encourage research aimed at reducing the number of saiga antelope horns used in traditional Asian medicine.

Earlier at the Eastern Economic Forum (Vladivostok on September 3-5, 2015) the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Sergei Donskoi instructed to accelerate the development of amendments to the existing legislation aimed at toughening the responsibility for the illegal production and trafficking of rare animals.

Recall, now the saiga antelope population of the North-West Caspian is located only on the territory of the Russian Federation. Today the population of the North-West Caspian is critical; it is probably no more than 4.5 thousand individuals.

The unfavorable state of the saiga antelope population of the North-Western Caspian, whose analysis was conducted by specialists of the Institute of Ecology and Evolution behalf of A.N. Severtsov of Russian Academy of Sciences, is reflected in the principal decision about entering the saiga antelope into the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation.

The Russian delegation at the meeting was consisted of representatives of the Ministry of Russia, the Steppe GEF project, the CMS Secretariat, saiga antelope Conservation Alliance, WWF Russia and IFAW.

Next, the 4th meeting of the parties of the Memorandum was invited to Astrakhan in the framework of the Day of the Caspian Sea in 2020. Its program will include conducting a scientific meeting on the conservation of saiga antelope under the auspices of the Gerontological Society of RAS.

Information message of the press service of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Russia

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