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November 5 - Cranberry monitoring

Monitoring of cranberry yields

In October Polistovsky Reserve scientists summed up the annual monitoring of yield of the main bog berries - cranberries. Preliminary analysis showed that on almost the entire studied plant communities cranberry yield this year is higher than last year, but below the long-term average level.

Observations are carried out on 45 permanent areas the size of 10 x 10 meters, which have different environmental parameters. In early summer, the monitoring begins from counting flowers, and amount of berries is determined in September-October. Yield is defined as follows: 100 berries from each area are weighted, then the weight of one berry is counted, and finally recalculated per area unit (kg per hectare).

This year the yield ranged from 0 (in the pine forested areas of raised bog) to 672 kg / ha (on willow transitional swamps).

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