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October 29 - Monitoring of rodents

Monitoring of rodents and small insectivores in 2015

The annual monitoring of rodents and small insectivorous was finished on the 23 of October. Twenty permanent trap-lines are located in different places in the buffer zone of the reserve. Each place is a certain part of the environment, which has a set of conditions necessary for the existence and residence of certain animal species.

These monitoring observations of populations number of different species is held in the spring, summer and autumn.

As usual, in forest habitats forest voles dominated. The population this year is in a phase of growth, and a cyclically repeating peak number of the population is predicted for the next year, but its level will depend on the conditions of wintering, intrapopulation processes, and predators.

"Meadow" species of rodents are less fortunate this year; their populations are experiencing prolonged depression now. Quantity of representatives of small insectivores which are presented in Polistovsky Reserve mainly by shrews is also low this year.

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