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October 27 - Russian-Swedish cooperation

Russian-Swedish cooperation in nature conservation

A session of the Russian-Swedish working group on Nature Conservation and Biodiversity took place in Stokholm on October 23. The event was held within the framework of the Agreement between the Governments of the Russian Federation and the Kingdom of Sweden on cooperation in the field of environmental protection on February 4, 1993.

During the meeting they discussed the results of the work on joint projects in the past year and plans for their future development. Participants examined the results of completed project on the protection of the inhabitants of the Barents Sea region (NC-09), as well as the exchange of experience between managers and staff of protected areas of Russia and Sweden (NC-12) and a project of protection of the endangered species (NC-07).

The meeting of the working group was attended by the director of Polistovsky National Nature Reserve Mikhail Yablokov with a report about the experiences exchange of Polistovsky Reserve employees with colleagues from the National Park "Store Mosse" under the NC-12 project, about the results made to date, and plans of future Russian-Swedish cooperation. One more successful exchange of experience under the NC-12 project was held between the protected areas of St. Petersburg and Tyresta National Park.

They also discussed plans of the development of NC-07 project, dedicated to the conservation of endangered species. Polistovsky Reserve plans to participate in the study and conservation of species such as the white-backed woodpecker, otter, as well as in the study of the coniferous-deciduous forests and post-fire succession. In addition, within the framework of NC-07, great attention was paid to the wolf, because its population in Sweden is critically low now. It was decided to create a separate independent project for work on this species.

The meeting was very productive, it was concluded that cooperation in the current year was effective, the most successful projects have been highlightedand and it was decided to focus on them in the future. The next meeting of the working group is scheduled for 2016, and it can be held in Polistovsky Reserve. Follow our news!

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