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October 21 - Meeting in Gogolevo

Meeting in Gogolevo

A meeting of the local community with the director of Polistovsky national nature reserve was held today in Gogolevo village. The main topic was the situation with the buffer zone of the reserve. Like at the yesterday's meeting in Tsevlo village, the current situation was explained to everyone, and it was mentioned that the buffer zone will be restored in the nearest future.

During this discussion a lot of questions about possibilities to change the borders of the buffer zone arose. For example, participants of the meeting suggested to exclude from the buffer zone some farmland areas that could be used for cuttings down trees grown there in past decades, and may be change the existing borders in other places.

Reserve, for its part, is ready to listen and discuss all the proposals and finally to form a project of changing boundaries of the buffer zone which won't harm the interests of the residents of the surrounding villages, and won't hurt the fragile raised bog ecosystem.

In addition, they talked about the plan to establish a new tourist cluster in Gogolevo village, like an existing one in Tsevlo village. In the coming years it is planned to attract tourists to the ecotrails started in Gogolevo. This will require the construction of a guest house, provision of meals, organization of excursions in the village, and it is also planned to use the cordon of the reserve as a small historical museum. Polistovsky Reserve hopes that Gogolevo villagers will participate in the formation of potential tourist offers, such as conducting tours of the village, ensuring meals for tourists, as well as help in the collection of exhibits for the future museum (old household items, photographs or other historical materials).

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