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October 21 - Master class «Guardian Angel»

Master class «Guardian Angel»

On the 17th of October a master-class on making traditional ritual dolls «guardian angel» was held at Bezhanitsy historical and cultural Filosofovs' center.

The event was organised within the project «Polistovsky Reserve Friends Club» supported according to the results of the All-Russian competition of prevention programs in the field of mental health of children and teenagers «Healthy Generation» held by the Union of mental health in 2015.

This time the participants of the Friends Club got acquainted with an interesting phenomenon of Russian national culture - a rag ritual doll. Valentina V. Markova, organizer of tours at Filosofovs' center, spoke about tradition of making dolls in Russia and showcases her craftworks. For our ancestors rag dolls were not just funny toys, they were kind of amulets and a part of the ritual traditions and they are essentially reflect the views of the world order and lifestyle. There were also funny dolls for babies worn on a finger and entertaining child while adults worked in the fields and at home, well-dressed dolls to celebrate Maslenitsa and Holy Easter, and dolls - amulets for home and family well-being.

All the master class participants were able to try to create their own small doll - «Guardian Angel» which will not only decorate the interior of the house, but also could be a wonderful gift to the Day of Patron Saint. The process of making dolls itself is an entertaining activity, from which you can gather a lot of interesting things from our ancestors’ life.

The event was ended with a traditional tea drinking and planning the future work of Polistovsky Reserve Friends Club!

We thank Bezhanitsy historical and cultural Filosofovs' center staff for hospitality and interesting master class!

See you in the Friends Club!

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