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October 19 - An unified database

The project of creating an unified database on the basis of the «Chronicles of nature»

In 2011 the Academy of Finland funded the project by Professor Otso Ovaskaynena from the University of Helsinki, entitled «Connection of environmental changes with the changes of biodiversity: «Long-term and large-scale data on biodiversity of boreal forests of Europe». The main objective of the project is to create a single database of information that is published annually by the national parks and national nature reserves in the «Chronicles of nature» in the countries of the former Soviet Union for further analysis and publication in foreign and russia journals.

A joint project with the nature reserve «Kivach» on phenological data from the «Chronicles of nature» was the beginning of the project. After that several seminars were held in Russia: in Petrozavodsk in 2013, in the Ilmensky national nature reserve in the spring of 2014, and in the reserve «Stolby» in the autumn of 2014. They were organised to bring together researchers working in national nature reserves and national parks interested in international cooperation. At this stage Polistovsky Reserve scientific department staff joined the project on the basis of a cooperation agreement between the reserve and the University of Helsinki.

The next stage of the project was the seminar held in the autumn of 2014 at the «Stolby» national nature reserve, where they discussed the collection and analysis of other data from «Chronicles», in particular data on the number of different taxonomic groups: birds, plants, mammals. The general format for the collection of this data was discussed there, and a variety of templates for input data to database were created. Currently, Polistovsky Reserve staff tramsmited data of the «Calendar of nature», monitoring of insectivorous, rodents, and birds for all time of the observations.

In October 2015, an another seminar was held at the Altaysky national nature biosphere reserve. It was attended by the senior scientist of Polistovsky national nature reserve Svetlana Igosheva. The seminar discussed the results of the data on phenology, received from Russian national nature reserves and national parks that became a basis for collective article «spatial synchrony in phenological dynamics of species communities».

In addition, work was carried out in groups devoted to discussing the analytical part of the project and also various aspects of future work on it: improving the database, new lines of research (impact of temperature on the indicator plants, decrease or increase of the duration of phenophases under the influence of temperature, the effect of temperature, snow depth, and precipitation on ripening berries, etc.)

The seminar was attended by the head of the laboratory of geo-information technologies of the Institute of Arctic and Antarctic Alexey Tomilin with a report about new features of Russian PAs database (, work with the service «Weather and Climate» and «winter route accounting».

On the last day of the seminar, participants visited the territory of the Altaysky national nature reserve: cordon Baygazan, central farmstead in the village Yaylyu and ecological trail «Corbu Waterfall».

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