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October 16 - Rescue of the Ural owl

Rescue of the Ural owl

Yesterday an unusual guest came to the visitor center of Polistovsky National Nature Reserve. Students of Bezhanitsy school Aleksey Timofeev and Pavel Toporkov brought the Ural owl to the reserve. As it turned out, the bird crashed into the window glass, fell to the ground and after that it couldn't fly away. Boys picked the owl up and brought it to the reserve hoping that we will help somehow.

Bird looked good, but apparently it hit head and was stressed - sitting without moving in a cardboard box. Polistovsky reserve staff took the Ural owl to ecopark "Zoograd", which is located in the Pushkinskiye Gory. 15 years ago it began its work as a nursery for birds, but over the years many animals appeared here, most of them were injured, as our owl, or orphaned. Now ecopark staffs care about their pets and invite tourists wishing to see animals. We hope that the owl brought to "Zoograd" will recover and then will be able to return to the wild nature.

By the way, in order to prevent injury of the birds by hitting large windows, you can stick silhouettes of predatory birds on the window glass; they scare smaller birds and warn them about the presence of windows. This is done, for example, in a visitor-center of Baikalsky National Nature reserve.

We thank guys brought the owl for caring about the injured bird!

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