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October 7 - Wetland seminar

Wetland seminar was held in «Smolensk Lakeland» national park

A seminar called «Environmental education on wetlands: forms and methods» was held at the national park «Smolensk Lakeland» in the end of September. It was held in conjunction with the International Network of educational wetland-centers «Wetland Link International» and non-profit partnership «Birds and Humans».

Program Wetland Link International (WLI) is a network of environmental education centers on the wetlands. This program runs since 1991 and brings together the relevant environmental educational centers around the world. The purpose of the project is the development and support of educational activities related to the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands. Today several Russian PAs are the members of WLI; Polistovsky Reserve is also planning to join the program soon.

The seminar held at the center of environmental education «Baklanov» in «Smolensk Lakeland» national park was organized for the exchange of experience in environmental activities at wetland-centers and on wetlands, as well as to review the forms and methods of disseminating information about the importance of wetlands to the public.

The event was attended by employees of various protected areas; Polistovsky Reserve was represented by Alyona Pecheritsa. Participants made presentations on the experiences and perspectives of their work related to the educational activities devoted to wetlands. Moreover, they visited excursions to Kolpitsky moss, Dead Lake and an excursion to the NP «Smolensk Lakeland».

Photographic materials provided by  NP «Smolensk Lakeland».

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