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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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October 7 - Board of directors (day 3)

All-Russian board of directors of national nature reserves and national parks is ending in Vladivostok

In the morning thematic sections devoted to research and monitoring, protection of the territory, ecological education and interpretation, cognitive tourism, and public support for protected areas, summed up their work for further preparation of final documents.

Reports of the leaders of sections were discussed in the afternoon, and as a result, a resolution of the meeting was worked out. An important theme was preparation for 2017 that is announced as a Year of protected areas by the President of Russian Federation. Formation of a positive image of protected areas was also one of the subjects in a focus of attention because it's a prerequisite for public support of PAs.

In the evening there was a meeting of the Expert Council on Protected Areas under the Ministry of Russia. The most actual problems, innovative projects, and promising directions of scientific work in national nature reserves and national parks were discussed during the meeting.

That was the last event of the official part of All-Russian board of directors of protected areas. Tomorrow participants of the meeting will visit PAs of Primorsky Krai for acquaintance with their experience. It'll be eco- trails in «Leopard land» NP, Sikhote-Alinsky NNR and Far Eastern Marine biosphere reserve.

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