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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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October 6 - Board of directors (day 2)

All-Russian meeting of directors of national nature reserves and national parks goes on in Vladivostok.

Today the board started its work with a plenary meeting «Nature Reserves and National Parks: A look into the future (plans and prospects of development).» Participants discussed implementation of modern technologies in all areas of work of protected areas, development of naturalists' movements, presence of protected areas in the Internet and the press service as well as the development of cognitive tourism, which is in a focus of attention of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Russia in recent time.

At the plenary meeting director of Polistovsky National Nature Reserve Mikhail Yablokov made a report about how to start work on the development of cognitive tourism. He spoke about elaboration of the strategy of cognitive tourism development, about the importance of understanding goals of their activity by PAs staff, and also shared some important "practical fine points» based on the experience of Polistovsky Reserve.

After the lunch break the meeting continued the work, the participants were divided into thematic sections, each of which included presentations on the relevant topic and discussions. These topics were about the work of the law-enforcement departments, scientific research and monitoring, environmental education, cognitive tourism, and formation of positive image and public support for protected areas.

At the end of the day there was a round table on the topic «FGBU, managing protected areas: mechanisms of financial provision» where system and rules of funding of protected areas were discussed.

The work of thematic sections and all the meeting will be summarized tomorrow. Read the last news of the event on our website and in social networks!

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