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October 1 - Master-class for local pupils

Master-class on making eco-wallets for Bezhanitsy school children

On the 1 of October Polistovsky Reserve's master class on making eco-wallets was held at Bezhanitsy School. 1st-year pupils learned how to give a second life to used cartons of juice or milk instead of throwing them in trash.

Children learned that reusing of waste reduces the amount of household waste generated as a result of the widespread use of disposable packaging.

Each participant of the master class made wallet, which you can decorate as you want and use. Children also learned that it's possible to make different interesting crafts and useful things from used packaging, for example holders for pencils, bird feeders, and others.

We ask everyone to be more attentive to produced waste, to recycle waste separately if it's possible and to reflect on the re-use of some stuff!

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