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September 23 - The Beaver's Feast

«The Feast of the goodness, the beaver and the forest»

From 14 to 19 of September at the Voronezh Reserve an international beaver symposium was held . The event was organized in preparation for the 100th anniversary of the system of protected areas in Russia and gathered a few dozen of participants from lots of reserves and national parks.

In addition to the scientific session, environmental educational event dedicated to one of the «living symbols» of nature conservation - Beaver was organized. representatives of 10 national parks and reserves were actively involved in organisation of this event, Polistovsky Reserve employees aslo took part in it.

«The Feast of the goodness, the beaver and the forest» was held on the 19 of September, on Saturday, for everyone at the territory of the central farm of the Voronezh Reserve. There were a few infotainment platforms here. At the «Platform of goodness» people could visit «Lessons of kindness of grandfather Vasiliy» organized by the Museum of V.M. Peskov, also they could take part in asphalt-drawing contest «Goodness from the heart ...» and watch the film «Living Planet».

Excursions to ecotrail «Protected Tale» and to the Museum of Nature were organized within the «Platform of forests». A variety of environmental quizzes and workshops were held for guests of the festival. On the central square there was a special section telling visitors what protected areas are, and representative platforms of all participants of the festival. Polistovsky Reserve also prepared an information platform, which told about our territory, nature and excursions.


The latter big platform was dedicated to the main character of the event. on the «Platform of the beaver» an interactive exhibition «House of the beaver» and a children's playground «For young beavers» were opened. Participants of the event were also held a variety of workshops, games and competitions for visitors here. Representatives of Polistovsky Reserve invited all who wish to play an environmental game «By the Beaver'a path» or take part in a master class on making ekobags.


Festival gathered a huge number of guests, children and adults, for example Beaver nursery was visited by several thousand people. The symbol of the event - beaver united all participants of the festival, doing the same and very important thing - nature conservation. Visitors of the festival learned more about beavers, and also about system of nature protecting, unique natural territories and about actively developing  in our country ecotourism.

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