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September 23 - Reforestation in Russia

Businesses can invest up to 2 billion rubles annually in environmental protecting projects within the framework of a national platform of "Business and Biodiversity".

This was stated by S.Donskoy at the presentation of the Russian environmental project "Green World" realized with participation of "Summer Bank" (a retail bank of VTB Group) together with an online service "Passionfruit " with the support of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Russian Federation.

Ministry has supported the project " Passionfruit " by providing data about forest in protected areas affected by diseases or fires.

S.Donskoy noted: "Today companies implementing environmental projects are guided by their sense of priorities. And as a result funds are invested in the protection of rare animals or plants that are already protected."

He also reminded that at the Eastern Economic Forum it was decided to form a national platform "Business and preservation of landscapes and biological diversity."

The establishment of this platform in Russia will form a mechanism of implementation in practice of corporate programs in conservation of biological and landscape diversity, exchanging of experience, the choice of priorities and the actual projects, coordination with government agencies and scientific community.

"Currently, we generate a list of priority projects that will concentrate the funds on the areas of work where funding is not enough," - Minister said.

It is expected that companies will be able to invest in environmental projects (conservation of landscapes and biodiversity) more than 2 billion rubles a year.

Reforestation project of the Summer Bank together with the Internet service "Passionfruit" on the territory of national parks and reserves can become one of the first programs of the National Platform.

Today  12 national parks take part in the program: "Meschera" (Vladimir region), "Smolensk Lakeland " (Samara region), "Ugra" (Kaluga region), "Khvalynsky" (Saratov region), "Buzulukskiy Bor " (Samara and Orenburg regions), "Plescheevo lake" (Yaroslavl region), "Curonian Spit" (Kaliningrad region), the national park "Oryol woodlands" (Orel region), "Taganay" (Chelyabinsk region), Pribaikalskiy National Park (Irkutsk region), Tunkinsky (Republic of Buryatia), Chodra Mari (Mari El Republic).

It was also noted that in 2014 the artificial reforestation was carried out on an area of 153.2 hectares in 11 national parks by the federal budget. Work to help the natural regeneration of forests was carried out on an area of 100 hectares in one national park.

“Passionfruit” is a technological service, with which national park rangers can indicate areas where forest was lost to provide possibility of participation of all Russians in the collective reforestation in these areas via the Internet.

Information message of the press service of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation.

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