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September 21 - Botanical descriptions in Obolon'e

Botanical descriptions in Obolon'e tract

From the 17 to 23 August one of the stages of the botanical descriptions was held on an ornithological observation site in Obolon'e tract. Comprehensive monitoring of sequential change of the biological community in the overgrown meadow began in 2014.

At first the main object of study was species composition and population of birds in this fast-paced biotope. In 2012 in ur. Obolonskaya celina a transect was laid  - a special area about 1 km long and 50 m wide on both sides of the route. At a meeting of the scientific department in 2013, it was decided thah this work should be complex. The reason for changing of a natural bird population is changing of vegetation, and therefore it is necessary to monitor both of them.

It took some time to choose a method of botanical descriptions. Eventually we settled on a method of linear transect configuration coinciding with the ornithological observation site. Transect is gradually divided into squares with a side of 25 meters on the ground. In each square the location of trees and shrubs is mapped, and some of their parameters (bunk formula, crown density, the average height) are also monitored. Characteristics of the lower tier are provided by determining of general projective cover and quantity of species.

This is pretty hard and long work, because it is necessary to describe 150 squares! The work must be attended by 4 people working in pairs. One pair describes trees, and the other one does the same with  grass and moss. you need to place wooden sticks on the tops of the square and then you need to pull a measuring tape  strictly following the azimuth through jungle undergrowth. As in the past year students from Pskov University passing practice in the reserve  helped scientific department in this work.

We want to thank all volunteers, who worked in the reserve this time. There were our old friends: Andrey Naumkin, Maria Vetrova and Alexander Vagin and students of Southern Federal University  - Vadalagina Maria and Kolosova Elizaveta, who were in the reserve at the first time. We thank them for selfless work and responsible attitude to this work!

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