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September 16 - Bog water level loggers

Bog water level loggers

In the beginning of September modern sensors for measuring water level - one of the most important characteristics of the hydrological regime were installed in Polistovsky Reserve.

Professor of hydrometry in RSHU Dmitry Isaev and ecologist, hydrologist Galina Isaeva have helped scientific department to install and program the loggers.

There are several wells for measuring located in areas with different types of micro-relief in the bog.

Previously, it was necessary to go to all wells every 5 days and measure water levels in them by a special ruler to monitor changes of bog water level. This process is quite long and laborious, but now, after the installation of new sensors, it should greatly simplify.

An important advantage of these sensors is that they have built-in memory and can store large amounts of data. Before setting, they are programmed to measure water level twice a day and save this information. After installation they can work independently, it's enough to copy all the data on external storage media once a year for further analyzing. The sensors will be installed every spring, and removed for the time of the water freezing in winter.

Using of automatic sensors will provide more accurate values than manual measurements did. This is the most important thing, because monitoring of the hydrological regime is one of the main features to control stability and safety of the protected raised bog ecosystem.

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