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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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September 10 - Ecotrail «By the Beaver's path»

Ecotrail «By the Beaver's path»

Construction of a new ecological trail "By the beaver's path" is finishing up in Polistovsky National Nature Reserve. It acquaints visitors with these amazing animals - great builders and skillful swimmers.

On the route guide will tell tourists the most interesting things about the beavers:  what do they eat, where do they live, how do they build the dams, how much time does a beaver need to put down a tree, and others.

Visitors can see a variety of traces of the beaver’s activities: bites on trees, dams, and of course the beavers’ home - hut.

The route is 2 km long, it is equipped with wooden boardwalk, benches and platforms, where you can watch impressive beavers’ waterworks.

In addition, on the trail you can find a lot of traces of animals: beavers and other inhabitants of the reserve - moose, foxes, raccoon dogs. If you will be lucky, you can meet the owners of this territory – beavers themselves.

The trail will be ready to welcome the first visitors soon, follow our news!


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