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November 26 - "The use of UAVs in work in protected areas"

From 21 to 23 November, on the basis of the Nizhne-Svirsky nature reserve, in the village of Kovkenitsy, a training seminar was held under the title "The use of UAVs in work in protected areas."

What is a UAV? If you decipher these three letters, it turns out that the UAV is an unmanned aerial vehicle.

Nowadays, unmanned aircraft on board are widely used. It can be video surveillance from the air, and artistic filming, and even inspection of any objects and mapping. In the case of using drones in protected areas, they can be used to observe wild animals in their natural environment, identify violations of the protection regime, explore the territory, and also conduct search and rescue operations. UAVs are classified depending on the design, there are aircraft and copter types. On the majority of Russian PAs, it is the copter type that is used. They are characterized by simple structure, stable flight and high reliability. But, of course, you need a person who will control the copter from the ground, understand it and be able to use it correctly. And this is not an easy task!

There is such a person in the Polistovsky Reserve - Nikita Mosyagin, a state inspector. He has been studying UAVs for more than a year, and has comprehended many new discoveries related to the drone for himself. This is not the first time he has gone from the Polistovsky Reserve to a similar workshop.

Thus, the event, held by Greenpeace Russia specialists on the basis of the Nizhne-Svirsky Nature Reserve in the Leningrad Region, brought together both novice unmanned aerial vehicles fans and real experienced enthusiasts. The seminar was attended by representatives of such reserves as "Polistovsky" and "Rdeysky", "Kivach" and "Pechora-Ilychsky", "Vissimsky" and "Kronotsky", "Altaysky" and "Nizhne-Svirsky", as well as national parks "Yugyd VA "and" Taganay ".

In the first, theoretical part of the event, UAV enthusiasts got acquainted with many models and control programs, and also discussed issues related to the coordination of flights and obtaining permits for the use of airspace, and this is serious! Particular attention was paid to a global topic that is very familiar to many protected areas - the detection of forest, grass and peat fires using drones, including drones with a thermal imager.

In the second, practical part of the seminar, the participants mastered the skills of piloting on various models of quadcopters, in the daytime and at night.

Progress has reached the point that copters are already equipped with a zoom and thermal imaging camera, which makes work hundreds of times easier! By the way, various UAV models were brought not only by the organizers of the event, but also by the participants themselves. To consolidate the material covered, the employees of the Nizhne-Svirsky Reserve made a trip to the territory, where, during the raid, the participants of the event were asked to find poachers using an unmanned vehicle with a thermal imager. They coped with the task with a bang!

We would like to thank all the employees of the Nizhne-Svirsky Nature Reserve for the warm welcome, as well as Greenpeace Russia for the useful experience in working with wonderful and interesting equipment such as UAVs.

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