Ministry of natural resources of the Russian federation

       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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October 7 - Tour operators of the Pskov region got acquainted with the Polistovsky Reserve!

This is not the first year that the Polistovsky Reserve has been providing such an opportunity to specialists in the tourism industry.

To do this, information tours are held here, during which representatives of travel agencies and tour operators can get acquainted with the ecological routes of the reserve and additional excursions of local inhabitants, local cuisine and living conditions.

Traditionally, the information tour took place in the Bezhanitsky district, near the village of Tsevlo. And in 2020, the reserve decided to acquaint the guests of the Pskov region with the tourist offers of the Loknyansky district, in the village of Gogolevo: to walk along the "Beaver’s road", to feel the unsteadiness of the endless bog under your feet, but stand firmly on it in special shoes (“bolotostupy”), and to see, to try, even to collect a little autumn beauty - cranberries! Such offers will soon appear from many travel agencies of the Pskov region!

The guests of Polistovye became acquainted with the tourist opportunities of the Reserve. In its visitor center in the village of Bezhanitsy they learned why it was created and what tasks it performs. In addition to natural routes, the participants of the infotour visited excursions to the museum of rural life and around the village, which were conducted by a resident of the village of Gogolevo, Evgenia. She not only explained rural life and the surrounding area, but also prepared a great meal! Everyone enjoyed her rustic special dish “teplyaki”, which everyone who comes to Polistovye has the opportunity to taste.

We express our gratitude to the Tourism Committee of the Pskov Region, which helped in organizing the infotour to the reserved Polistovye.

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