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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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October 12 - Always on guard!

State inspectors of the Polistovsky Reserve stopped violations of the reserve regime.

The beginning of October was not easy for the security personnel.

Despite the fact that the year turned out to be not fruitful for the autumn wild plant-cranberry, we wrote about this earlier, the violators, unfortunately, did not decrease. People are trying to enter the protected area of the Polistovsky Reserve, hoping that at least there will be untouched areas with cranberries. Thus, in the Bezhanitsky region, near the village of Nesvino and the Plavnitsa tract, four violations were suppressed. These people went to the reserve for berries last year, violating its security regime, as one of them has already been detained this year.

This time, protocols were drawn up for two offenders “for being in the protected area”, the other two people were seized, they were using the harvesters for picking berries, the harvesters and the harvested cranberries were cofiscated. All four violators will be punished under article 8.39 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation and will pay a fine of up to 4 thousand rubles. We remind you that picking cranberries is allowed in unprotected bogs and in designated areas in the protected zone of the Polistovsky Reserve from September,10 to December,1! With such rules, you can collect up to 15 kg of berries per person without using a harvester and other things that injure the vegetation cover.

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