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September 25 - What were the State Inspectors of the Polistovsky Reserve busy with in September?

The golden autumn month of September is coming to an end.

It's time to find out how things are going with the state inspectors of the Polistovsky Reserve, because the beginning of autumn is also the beginning of the collection of wild plants and their fruits by people, which means that the work of guards has increased.

Let's start with the fact that 2020 was unsuccessful in terms of cranberry harvest in both Loknyansky and Bezhanitsky districts. The bog is very dry, there is no water and for this reason there are not many berries. It happens that frost hits the flowering cranberries, then the berries do not have enough nutrition. Therefore, now state inspectors, patrolling the swamps of the reserve, almost do not find people picking cranberries.

In September, the state inspectors of the reserve drew up 3 protocols "for being on the territory of the protected area", apparently some people thought that they would find a lot of cranberries there, but alas) Also, in September, the employees of the protection department of the Polistovsky Reserve not only manage to go out on patrols to patrol the territory, but also do other important things. For example, some notices on the territory of the protected zone of the reserve were updated, and assistance was provided to the department of ecological tourism in conducting excursions.

It is worth noting that September is also the time for the release of wild animals. In the fall, bears are very common, since it is in the fall that they begin to actively nourish before hibernation, as well as moose, because for moose a mating period starts at this time. Be careful before heading into the forest!

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