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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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September 14 - The residents of the villages of Tsevlo and Gogolevo met with the administration of the Polistovsky Reserve on the 10 and 11 of September

The meetings took place before the start of the cranberry season.

One of the topic of the meetings was to talk about the key points the cranberries collection in the buffer zone of the reserve.


The meetings were held by the new director of the Polistovsky Reserve Nikolai P. Korablev. He introduced himself to the local residents and outlined the main priorities in the work - the development of the Reserve in close cooperation with the local people.

The meetings were also attended by Deputy Director for Security Nikolai V. Kornyshev, Deputy Director for Interpretation, Ecological education and Tourism Elena A. Perova and state inspectors.

One of the important questions which was discussed at the meeting in Tsevlo village was the lack of places for collecting cranberries in the buffer zone of the reserve in Bezhanitsky district. This situation is explained by the configuration of the buffer zone near the Tsevlo village –meadow and forest areas are mainly included in it, and bogs are located either in the Reserve itself or outside the buffer zone and Reserve. Accordingly, there are no restrictions of berry picking in unprotected bogs.

Also at the meeting were discussed a protection of the Polisto lake and conditions of some public road near Tsevlo village.

The meeting in the Gogolevo village was attended by the head of the Podberezinsky parish, Aleksey I. Petrov.

At the meeting was specified the areas where the collection of cranberries is allowed. Also were discussed the repair of the road to the Gogolevo village, the uses of agricultural land located in the buffer zone, the problem of old garbage dumps in the village and littering of cranberry collection sites.

The administration of the Reserve expressed its readiness to discuss and jointly solve problems aimed at improving the quality of life in villages and developing a tourist destination together with residents of the surrounding settlements.

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