Ministry of natural resources of the Russian federation

       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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September 10 - The cranberry season 2020 opening

From September 10 to December 1, the collection of cranberries is officially allowed in designated areas in the buffer zone of the Polistovsky Reserve.

In the Loknyansky district, berry picking is allowed in three areas: Boltukhino, Usad’ba and Yazvi. In the Bezhanitsky district there are no permitted places for collecting cranberries.

Last year, additional border notices were installed along the territory of the buffer zone and the boundaries of the Polistovsky Reserve, so it is simply impossible to go beyond the border of the permitted zone without noticing this!
Do not forget to follow the simple rules of careful environmental management:
- Collecting cranberries or staying in the reserve without special permission and unaccompanied by an employee is prohibited.
- Fine for violation rules is from 3 to 4 thousand rubles will have to be paid.
- You can collect up to 15 kg of berries per person without using combines and other devices that injure the vegetation.
Security raids are carried out regularly by rangers of the Polistovsky Reserve, photo and video recordings are used for patrolling. The duties of the rangers include: checking documents for the right to stay on the territory of the reserve and its bufer zone, arresting violators of a nature protected area, inspecting vehicles, personal belongings, confiscating products and tools of illegal nature use.

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