Ministry of natural resources of the Russian federation

       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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  • vesna 7
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  • POL S2652
  • 205O7203
  • Речной бобр

August 18 - Honey Festival in Pskov.

Polistovsky Reserve staff took a part in Hоney Festival in Pskov

On August 16 the Polistovsky Reserve staff took part in Honey Festival in Pskov.

The reserve’s presentation mount consisted of two parts:
- A counter with promotional prints, where interested people could get to know about Polistovsky Reserve and its ecological routs.

A tea table, where locale people from Tsevlo village offered herbal tea, pies with different fillers and cranberry-drink.
We are proud to tell that Tsevlo pies and drinks were extremely popular with the Festival guests!

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