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July 6 - Popular recreation place restored!

Last week, employees of the Polistovsky Reserve helped residents of the Bezhanitsky district restore a popular recreation place near a pond.

In mid-June, a hurricane struck near the village of Fishnevo, which damaged everything that stood in its way.

There were felled trees, debris in household plots, demolished roofs and greenhouses. The damage was so strong that it is hard to describe. Most of what the hurricane did was restored and put in order, but, unfortunately, not all.

For example, a wonderful place in the village of Ivanovo is a popular swimming pond. Many residents and guests of the Bezhanitsy village come to rest by this pond, but the recreation area was completely destroyed, which deprived many people of the opportunity to refresh themselves in the hot days of June.

Residents of Bezhanity appealed to the administration of the Polistovsky Reserve with a request for help. And the employees of the Polistovsky Reserve together with local residents completely restored the recreation place on June 30! The area near the pond was tidied up – volunteers of the Reserve removed garbage and mowed grass and completely replaced the wooden decking leading to the pond.

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