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       Polistovsky National Nature Reserve

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June 9 - Interview with the State Inspector

Despite the situation with coronavirus, State Inspectors of the Polistovsky Reserve do not have to get bored!


Where else can you isolate yourself? Yes, only in the bog!

The other day we asked security officers - what are they doing? And that's what we learned! “We really hope that restrictions will be lifted soon and people who stay at home, and have already forgotten how the foliage smells, will be able to see our protected area. We are actively preparing for the arrival of responsible ecotourists,” said the reserve inspector Yuri Yakovlev.

So, in the Bezhanitsky District, on the Plavnitskoe bog route, measures were taken to clear the trail, the same efforts were also undertaken in the Loknyansky district, on the path “By the Beaver's Path”. During the Spring, in these areas, but not only in them, there was a strong wind, which added more work for the inspectors - there were many blockages on the trail!


Remember, earlier we talked about the fact that information boards and an entrance stand were installed in the Loknyansky district, on the path “Mossmen Route”? Now, for the convenience of our tourists, we have set benches along the route so that anyone can relax and meditate. They were needed for a long time, especially since it is the longest ecological trail! And that’s not all that was done in Loknyansky District.


Many people know that the one of the guest houses of the Polistovsky Reserve is located in the Gogolevo village. Not so long ago there were heavy growth of grass and bushes. Now this is a landscaped area on which is located not only a guest house, but also a museum of rural life, and additionally a playground is slowly being built.

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