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April 12 - saved the owl!

The visitor center of the Polistovsky Reserve was visited by a long-eared owl.

On April 11, young people turned to the administration of the Polistovsky Reserve, saying that while driving along a night road they came across a bird that could not get off the track on its own.

“Naturally, we did not want to leave her in this position, and so the feathered predator was taken from the road.

Taking a bird with our bare hands was scary, she behaved aggressively, hissing and throwing herself about. We had to cover it with a jacket and only after that did we manage to pick it up. The owl did not sleep all night and was noisy. In the morning, we contacted the reserve’s staff,” said Dmitry Vorontsov, the savior of the long-eared owl.

The reserve staff took the bird to the Pushkinski-Gory, where the Zoograd Ecopark is located. The owl was received by the director of the park, Andrei Borisovich Goloshchapov. We were not addressing him for the first time. During the initial examination, no fractures of the paws and wings were found; perhaps the bird was hit by a car and there were hidden bruises of the internal organs.

Now the bird cannot take off, it moves only in short leaps. Due care is organized for the bird in the ecopark and we hope for a speedy recovery. Follow the news on our social networks, we will definitely report on the life of a long-eared owl!

In the meantime, we want to share some interesting facts about owls:

• Owl flight is almost silent due to feather structure.

• Owl long and flexible claws allow it not only to easily catch prey, but also to keep a hold of it.

• The scream of an owl can be heard during mating calls or when owls communicate with each other.

• In ancient times, the scream of an owl was considered to be a bad sign and foreshadowed a quick death, so the owls were expelled.

• An owl is considered a symbol of wisdom and intelligence.

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