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21 April - Stopped visiting the ecological trail

Even in the self-isolation mode, patrolling the territory of the reserve by the protection department does not stop.

Task forces of state inspectors regularly go on raids, monitor the condition of borders, warn people not to go to protected areas and stop those people who they find in protected areas.

So last week, one of the task forces discovered traces of equipment that began in unguarded areas of the bog and they led towards the reserve. Inspectors followed the traces and reached one of the ecological trails of the Polistovsky Reserve. There the trases ended.
“We decided to go along the trail, we doubted that someone might be on it, but it was necessary to check it,” Igor Ivanov, one of the raid participants, comments on the incident. What was the surprise of the inspectors when, right on the trail, they met two people resting on wooden broadwalk. Neither cranberries or other wild plants were found on the “visitors” of the hiking trail. Therefore, the inspectors drew up two protocols on “being in the conservation area” and escorted these two people to the border of the reserve. As a result, and after consideration of the protocols by the court, fines of up to 3,000 rubles may be levied.
It is important to remember that despite this situation, raids on the territory of the reserve continue as usual and in compliance with all recommendations for preventing the spread of coronavirus infection. Friends, be responsible if you are in self-isolation mode - stay at home, tourists are not allowed to visit the reserve until further notice.

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