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February 21 - Counting of Castor fiber beavers in the Polistovsky Reserve continues.

Counting of Castor fiber beavers in the Polistovsky Reserve continues.

The head of the Zoology department of Velikie Luky Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Nikolay Korablev, with the support of Polistovsky Reserve, conducted a census (population dynamics) and calculated territorial distribution of The Eurasian beaver (Castоr fiber) in the protected area of the Rreserve, on February, 17-18.


The work was focused on the survey of eastern part of the reserve’s buffer zone along the Hlavitsa river. The warm weather at this time made the research possible. Within the route by the river coast, all traces of the beavers’ vital activities were detected.

Two habitats were found (according to the research method two “medium settlements”) of beaver, 4 beavers could live in each of them. Also found were two small settlements. Probably, a lonely animal from the medium settlement which is located nearby live in one of them. The second small settlement was abandoned by beavers this fall.

In total, eleven Castor fiber in four “settlements” could inhabit on the Hlavitsa river confluents and the irrigation canals system. The reason why beavers leave their settlements with their complicated infrastructure – dams, huts, food reserves - is the result of the river confluents which dry up during hot seasons and floods with heavy rainfall. The second factor is predators. There is no anthropogenic impact to beavers because of the protected areas regime.

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